Exchanges and refunds



You did not select the correct sweater size and/or model when ordering. This is not a problem. Here is the procedure to follow:
  • Send us an email to let us know about the situation. Subsequently, we will tell you if the change is possible depending on the availability of the models.
  • The company label should always be found on the sweater.
  • You will therefore have to return the package to our Quebec office. You will only have to pay one delivery fee and we will cover the return.
  • When the package arrives at our office, we will confirm when the exchange will be returned.

Order cancellation

It is possible to cancel an order if it is on hold at the order processing center, contact us quickly at



Sizes and colors are approximate and may be affected by the type of screen, lighting or device used. Sleeve designs may vary. Photos are for reference only.

Prices are in Canadian